About Us

The In-Touch Group brings together transaction-level data from a consortium of EpoS companies, cleans and organises the data, and makes it available to data buyers in the grocery and other sectors.  Along with the data, we offer an increasing range of activation opportunities that allow brands to act on the insights they’ve drawn from the data.

Our Aim is “to be the platform of choice for brands, suppliers, retailers and partners across the digital connected world.”

We do this by “providing unique partner connections; developing innovative transformational technology; forming powerful partnerships;”

In-Touch is a data and insights and marketing platform. It’s a powerful solution which can seamlessly process secure transactions and offer in-store rewards for retailers and consumers in different ways and environments. Our services include…

  • In-Touch open API
    platform for simple integrations that allow access to data from multiple epos

  • We also have a variety of ways of collecting data therefore have the flexibility to find the best way to mine data.

  • Valuable
    transaction/basket data that allows Manufacturers/Brands to offer strong
    insight-based campaigns.

  • Help brands and retailers to drive sales by offering incentives for retailers and consumers.